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This article talks about how to determine the country of blocking Xiaomi Mi Account


Before ordering the service “Remove MI Account” on the site:, You need to know the region (country) in which the account was registered, and its status - Clean or Lost. This can be done for free on the Xiaomi server at this link <<<


In Enter the LOCK CODE (unlock number) or IMEI and click Check 

>>> How to get a LOCK CODE (unlock number) and IMEI


If your smartphone is locked (MI account) and is NOT on the server in LOST mode, you will see a window in which part of the phone number with which the account is associated will be displayed.

From the first three digits you can find the country, region.

Ordering the service "Remove MI Account" on the site: is possible only after the correct definition of the country.

Also, if you do not have access to imei and the check on the Xiaomi server does not show the number by which you can find the country in which the account was registered, then order the LOCK CODE convert to IMEI (Convert XIAOMI LOCK CODE → IMEI), and then Check IMEI (XIAOMI MI Info Check - IMEI)






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